Every Thursday, our Mobile Market brings fresh produce, grown with love and intention in O'ahu's own soil, to the Kalihi community.  Some of it was still growing in that soil just a few hours before.  Our priority at Roots is connecting local small farmers - farmers who care about our land enough to use organic growing practices, and care enough about our community to give us their beautiful produce at reduced rates - to our Kalihi friends and neighbors who feel healthier, happier, and more loved eating this harvest.

Our staff work really hard behind the scenes to coordinate with farmers, receive and package the produce, share messages about nutrition and connection with the public, and bring the produce right to key community sites, making good health as accessible as possible to the people rendered most vulnerable by food injustice.  We're tired but fulfilled at the end of the day - and you can be too!

We're looking for committed volunteers to help with our Mobile Market, on Thursday afternoons between 2pm and 6pm, or on occasional Friday mornings.  Volunteers can expect to handle, bag, and/or weigh amazing produce from Pupukea, Waimanalo, Waianae, and more; meet and chat with community members about nutrition, health, and cooking; and help us keep our Food Hub space clean and running smoothly in spite of the produce madness!  Don't feel confident in those skills?  Don't worry, you will be in no time!  Are you interested in food justice, community food systems, public health, farming, cultural revitalization, and more?  Please, come and join us as we help redefine our societal vision of health.

Contact us at roots@kkv.net.  See you soon!