Our Food Hub began from humble origins: produce from two of our helpful Crop Shop farmers and a single rolling cart, pushed up a sidewalk and across two parking lots to reach our first customers.  But we've been growing since then.  As we approach the three year mark, we're happy to say that we are currently partnered with 17 farmers from all over O'ahu and have a regular abundance of kalo, 'uala, 'ulu, cassava, and banana in addition to all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies.  From one site, we've expanded to five, including our health clinic, two senior centers, an elementary school, and a social service provider.  And now we're excited to announce our next major step.

As of September, we've partnered with Asagi Hatchery to establish a small produce storefront in the hatchery itself.  Asagi Hatchery is one of Kalihi's oldest businesses.  Since 1935, this family-owned and operated business has been hatching chicken eggs, and is currently the only chicken hatchery in the state of Hawaii.  For decades, the Asagi family has been working in their own way towards a sustainable food system, prioritizing localism, environmentally-friendly practices, and strong, caring relationships. The Hatchery is a natural fit to partner with Roots, and we're so happy to be joining such a strong, established Kalihi business to help return our community to sustainable practices.



Stop by the get fresh, local produce at Asagi Hatchery

Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm

Saturday 9am to noon

1830 Kanakanui Street

Honolulu HI 96819