Every month we're joined by some of our valley neighbors who are living with diabetes, to discuss strategies for maintaining good health.  During this intra-KKV collaborative event, the Roots Program provides a culture-based experience to enhance the clinical services provided by KKV's excellent Medical Department.

This month, our Diabetes Management Group joined us at the Roots Cafe for a morning of activities.  Multi-talented Chef Jesse led the participants in stretching and meditation exercises, emphasizing body mindfulness and the connection between mental and physical health.  KKV interns Kira and Rose led a kalo-cleaning activity, and participants shared their knowledge of kalo from various Pacific traditions.  Program Director and registered dietitian Kaiu Odom provided information about glucose management through complex carbohydrates, such as traditional Pacific starches, and then everyone enjoyed the most delicious part of good health: lunch!

Our menu today included:

Organic Local Kalo Chunks

Steamed Local Uala

Fresh Poi from Haloa Poi

Imu Chicken

Garden Salad with Local Organic Lettuce and House-made Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

Local Fruit Salad with Ka'u Orange, Pineapple, and Jabong


Special thanks to all of our Food Hub vendors for growing such wonderful produce for our community!