Birthing a Nation

Family Birth Classes & Practitioner Workshops

Our eight week birthing series focuses on the reclaiming of ancestral practices and the cultivation of connection as ways to nurture healthy, happy births.

Participants feel strengthened in their cultural roots, more confident in their own choices, and deeper connection in their personal relationships.  

Mākuakāne especially find strength and confidence through this class as they connect more profoundly with traditional kuleana and ike of fatherhood, learning how they fit into the processes of pregnancy and childbirth.

Key Teachings

Ho‘oponopono – harmonious relationships 

‘Ai Pono – cultural perspectives on prenatal nutrition for mother and child

Lomilomi – between mākuakāne and mākuahine, to promote trust and healing and strengthen the relationship

 Mo’omeaheu – cultural practices surrounding childbirth and labor

lama ‘Iewe – reconnecting with Hawaiian traditions of care for ‘iewe

Birth Plan – honoring keiki, makua, pale keiki (midwife), ‘ohana, ‘āina, hale (home), akua, hō‘ailona (signs)

Hānai Waiū (Breastfeeding) – creating a strong support system for breastfeeding success

Lā‘au Lapa‘au – for use during pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and beyond