Double Bucks Program


Have an EBT card?  Looking to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables from our island's small farms?  Stop by our Roots Double Bucks Booth at two participating farmers markets to double your EBT dollars.  Swipe $1, receive $2 in Roots Food Tokens to spend on Hayden mangoes, farm fresh breadfruit, crunchy green onion, and more!



Located in the Roots Cafe, our "Farmacy" stocks locally grown produce, eggs, and poi fresh from our farmers - we believe food is medicine, and that access to healthy, culturally significant foods can heal our bodies and communities.

Hours-Tuesday & Thursday:  11am - 1pm

Roots Mobile Market

Hear that sound?  It's local produce rolling your way.  The Mobile Market is our mobile produce service, bringing our farmers' products right to your business, agency, or community site.  Our Roots produce van loads up with sweet fruits and crunchy veggies, our friendly staff.

Double Bucks Program

Since 2012, the Roots Program has helped community residents afford healthy, local produce through the Double Bucks Program.  Through the generous support of our partners, Alohacare and Wholesome Wave, market shoppers are able to double up to $20 of their SNAP benefits at participating markets.  Customers swipe their EBT cards at the Roots Double Bucks booth for up to $20, and receive $40 in our Roots Food Tokens to purchase fresh, healthy foods while supporting our local farmers.

How Does It Work?

  • Swipe up to $20 on your EBT card at the Roots Double Bucks booth.
  • Receive double your SNAP dollars in white tokens, worth $1 each.  (Example: swipe $10, receive $20 in tokens)
  • Spend your tokens at any market booth.

User Guidelines:

  • Tokens may only be used for the purchase of fruits and vegetables or other SNAP-eligible products, such as fish and poi.
  • No change can be given for tokens.
  • Unspent tokens may be used at future participating markets.


Participating Markets

Kalihi Valley District Park People's Open Market

Every Saturday

10:00am - 10:45am

Location: 1911 Kam IV Road, by the police station and recreation center 

In 2012, Roots piloted its Double Bucks program at the Kalihi Valley District Park farmers market, one of the markets operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation's People's Open Market program.  In the years since, Double Bucks has made a big difference for many community residents.  Each week, long-time regulars and brand new customers alike come out to double their SNAP dollars, taking home bags of fresh produce for family and friends.

Check our Upcoming Events section for announcements for special market events, such as food samples, plant giveaways, and community celebrations.

The Crop Shop at Kuhio Park

Every Thursday

3:00pm - 6pm

Location: Tower B parking lot at the Towers at Kuhio Park housing community, by the North School Street entrance

As a hard-working resident at Kuhio Park, it can be challenging to find time for a trip to the farmers market.  That's why, since 2013, the Roots Program has partnered with Michaels Management to operate the Crop Shop farmers market at the Kuhio Park housing community, making fruits, vegetables, and fresh fish accessible to housing residents and nearby neighbors.  Breadfruit, cucumbers, tomatoes, and ahi are now in easy reach.  Moreover, each quarter the Crop Shop hosts a community Food Fest, with music, food samples, and cultural food cooking demonstrations.  Stop by to join in the fun.